2017 International Society for the Systems Sciences ISSS 61th conference Health and Systems Thinking Special Integration Group SIG Call for papers #isss61 國際系統科學協會第61屆國際研討會

2017 April 29 0 By Tomas 黃炎

2017 International Society for the Systems Sciences ISSS 61th conference
Health and Systems Thinking Special Integration Group SIG

Call for papers

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of health in their constitution is: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We employ the Chinese five elements systems theory to categorize health systems into physical health (Earth), mental health (Wood), emotional health (Fire), behavioural health (Metal), and spiritual health (Water). This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Systemic Healthcare Engineering theory can be applied according to the viewpoint of any particular observer. Further study reveals that the same structure could be also applied to the levels above and below the particular observer level, as well as the interactions between the levels. http://www.yinyangbalance.asia/blog/?p=2282

A Five Elements Level i+-1 system structure is proposed as an observer-system structure. Every point of view (Wood) will have its own choice of perspectives (Water), which will form a particular observer and hence a specific set of analysis (Fire), behaviour (Metal) and physical systems (Earth). These points of view could originate from DNA level, virus level, cell level, human individual level, organizational level, governmental level, or even the whole earth level.

Extending the theories for systemic health of human into the systemic health of any systems with any observer’s point of view, is the development towards the General System Theory. Hopefully we will eventually meet with other Special Integration Groups at the same point with similar systems theories. We are also looking forward to the moment when the western systems theories meets with the eastern systems theories, and together they integrate to benefit the world in solving complex problems.

If you share this vision (Wood), then I invite you to use this insightful gut feeling (Fire) through your heart to make it happen (Metal), by submitting your papers (Earth) or coming to the Conference for group discussions (Earth). We will all benefit from the pool of knowledge stored in the environment of perspectives (Water) accumulated in all the experts and members of International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS).

Let us discuss health and any kinds of systems thinking at any of the above areas and levels. Abstract presentations are also welcome. Let us take this opportunity during this systems thinking age, to investigate how a particular health issue could be analyzed with systems thinking, and evolve together for better understanding of the issue and for feasible systemic solutions.

This is a project that cannot be accomplished by one pair of hands. This is indeed a historical milestone that requires a collective mind-sharing to establish. I appeal to your support and look forward to your contributions.

Presentation format (Taichi): 15-20min presentation (Yang), 5min for feedback and questions (Yin), and 5min to integrate with other papers and the theme of the Conference (new level of Taichi).

The theme of  International Society for the Systems Sciences ISSS 2017 61th conference in Vienna includes: