Protect our scientific mind from the emotional guts! Meditation for Scientists: MiniAnapanaForAll 觀息法 – 科學家的打坐方法:保護理性科學頭腦,免受原始感性控制!

Systemic mental healthcare protection program for system scientists and all

Dear system scientists, 

During the ISSS conference, we have our planetary speaker Dr Pamela Buckle talked about the second brain in our body. Then we have Mr T. Ariyaratne from Sri Lanka talked about achieving peace and harmony within ourselves. He introduced the technique of observing our natural breath by sitting up, keep the neck and the back straight, close the eyes and use the nose to observe the breathing in and breathing out naturally. This is the systemic way to communicate between our two minds and achieve peace and harmony within ourselves. The introduction was given to you during the Health and System Thinking SIG workshop, the Spirituality and System SIG workshop, and on the morning sessions of the last two days of the #ISSS57 conference ( And here is the instructions to learn this technique properly: 

Remember, if we, the system scientists, do not practice a systemic mental healthcare protection program for ourselves. How can we, the system scientists, convince others to understand and practice system thinking? May you all keep practicing and be happy ^o^

Smile 🙂

Attached is the link for the proper instructions:

Mini Anapana Meditation for All:

1. This is to be played in a quiet hall or room suitable for meditation.
2. Participants must agree to stay for the entire hour, observing noble silence and should maintain segregation of males and females with no physical contact.
3. Participants can be anyone above 10 years of age.
4.Neither the person hosting the session nor anyone else should give any other instructions, either live or recorded. The only instructions should be Goenkaji’s Mini Anapana recording.
5.There should be no charge whatsoever for attending a Mini Anapana session.






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