三國演義 Three Kingdoms – A Historical Novel 天下大勢,分久必合,合久必分。

三國演義    Three Kingdoms – A Historical Novel

天下大勢,分久必合,合久必分 。

The main trend under the haven is that
what has been long divided, must unite;
what has been long united, must divide.

“The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has even been.”

I Ching:
Yin and Yang are opposite to each other but unite in one direction.
Change is the real permanent golden rule.

太極 Taichi:天地之間的萬事萬物。
All the objects and events between Heaven and Earth.

陰Yin:合 Unite, Unity…            陽Yang:分 Divide, Diversity…

Unity in Diversity  求同存異。博大精深。見微知著。對立統一。


Protected: 《春秋大義》《中國人的精神》The Spirit of the Chinese People 1915

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The THESAURUS LITERATURAE BUDDHICAE (TLB) is a multilingual presentation of Buddhist literature sentence by sentence in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, English, etc. 佛學文獻詞庫( TLB )是以梵文,中文,西藏文,英文等多語種的逐句佛學文獻演說


The THESAURUS LITERATURAE BUDDHICAE (TLB) is a multilingual presentation of Buddhist literature sentence by sentence in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, English, etc. 文獻詞庫( TLB )是以梵文,中文,西藏文,英文等多語種的逐句佛學文獻演說

Protected: Editing 寫作中: Signal to Noise ratio and the Theory of Everything. 信號干擾比(信噪比)、人性與終極理論(萬物至理)

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System Basics Workshop: From System Basics to Anthropocene – the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and that of the teaching of Buddha.

Papernumber: 2428

Tomas, E C Yan HUANG
Causeway Bay, HK, Hong Kong.

Sunday 2015.Aug.02 System Basics workshop full day at ISSS2015 conference at Berlin, Germany http://isss.org/world/Programme


Anthropocene is becoming more and more important as the balance shifts more and more towards the human side of the nature-human spectrum. The whole environment(nature)-system(human) Yin-Yang relationship has reversed to become a system(nature)-environment(human) Yin-Yang relationship.

In this Anthropocene age, determination of the sustainable balancing point is one of the challenging tasks. The interaction between different systems forms the balancing point between any one of the systems and its corresponding environment. Each system holds onto its own perspectives (rights and freedom) and at the same time adapts (respect and obey) to the perspectives of other systems. Therefore, it is about the balance between the nature-human Yin spectrum and the adaptation-freedom Yang spectrum.

Human would naturally pursue for the freedom side of the Yang spectrum, however, this will push the Yin spectrum to the human side developing a very imbalanced system. Such system would get into a turbulent stage before the balancing point between new systems and environments is settled, which could be disastrous to human.
The balance between the two spectrums would mean certain sacrifice to the freedom of human. However, would there be another way out of this sacrifice? Human take nature for granted but without fully understanding the sub-systems in nature on which we have been relying. However,could human develop the knowledge and wisdom to re-create a nature that would support the survival of our physical body and at the same time satisfy the unlimited needs for freedom by human? This is the second challenge in this Anthropocene age, Governing the Anthropocene.

In this workshop we will start from the system basics of the Taichi Yin-Yang system theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Five systems theory in the teaching of Buddha, with a view to gradually building up the systemic views to understand and analyze the Governing of Anthropocene.

The systemic thinking of the unification of nature and man has been the fundamental concept in traditional Chinese culture since around 500BC. The concept is also embedded in the teaching of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The traditional Chinese system theories under investigation include the Taichi yin-yang system theory, the Five systems theory of the human mind, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis-cure process. These theories are found to be related to different modern system theories compared including Viable system model.

Taichi yin-yang system theory describes the relationship between any two entities (element/process) at any level of interest. It concerns the quantitative and qualitative changes between the entities. This is related to causal loop diagram (CLD) in system dynamics which uses reinforcing loop and balancing loop. The observer is not specified in the theories, but the perspectives of the observer actually determine the entities, the unit of quantitative changes, and the ratio of qualitative changes.

The Five systems theory of the human mind is one of the important concepts developed in the teaching of Buddha. The Five systems are: awareness, perspective, sensation, action and physical object. These five systems are able to describe the properties of the observer and the decision maker.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis-cure process is a practical systemic process that has been used daily for more than 2000 years. It is believed that the whole macroscopic-microscopic spectrum of systems is suitable. The system state identification involves three pairs of direction-forming spectrums. The Superficial and Internal spectrum gathers information between the boundary and the system. The Cold and Hot spectrum gathers information between the form and function, or matter and energy within the system. The Deficient and Excess spectrum gathers information between the environment and the system. Strategy can then be formulated to regulate and maintain the system.

Keywords: Anthropocene, Buddhism, Causal loop diagram CLD, Confucianism, Five systems of human mind, General System Theory, Health and system thinking, quantitative and qualitative changes, Spirituality and Systems, System dynamics, Taichi Yin-Yang System Theory, Taoism, Buddha’s teaching, Traditional Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis-cure process, Unification of nature and man, Viable system model VSM. |
Supporting Agencies: Ancient Balance Medicine Research and Education Fund Foundation Ltd.

發自 from 黃炎 E C

你我他的觀點與角度 – 化解衝突的方法與代價 Your Perspective, My Perspective, Their Perspective. Conflicts Resolution and Opportunity Cost

Your Perspective, My Perspective, Their Perspective.


  (English version on bottom)


-2 -1 0 1 2




1 2 3 4 5 6


數學上觀點不同(-22 16),
其平衡點也不同(0 34)。


-∞     ?     ∞



Subjective and 





Conflicts 衝突


EQ 題目:你愛不三不四,我愛完美無瑕,怎辦?



 Conflicts Resolution 化解衝突

  1. 以“愛Love”來求大同存小異:“一百個人有一百個觀點,但又能和諧共處”。因為大家都是一家人,要和平相處。“家是一個講愛的地方,不是講理的地方”。
  1. 以“理Reasoning”來理性討論:標榜自己的觀點,以取得對方與中立者的支持。討論可以用不同的語言語調,但一定要保持和平。
  1. 以“執著Stubborn”來破壞和平,進行分裂,仇恨與戰爭:奪取中立與對方的支持者及其財產。

Levels of War 戰爭的層次

  1. 駡戰 – Flaming war

  • 參考香港互聯網定義:罵戰雙方網民完全不講規矩和理性,經常互扣帽子,互相吵架,以令對方蒙羞為目的。有些網民樂於以食花生的心態觀看罵戰,有些網民則會間中發帖抽水一番。罵戰多數不能達成任何共識或說服任何人,相反只會加深雙方的仇恨。http://evchk.wikia.com/wiki/%E7%BD%B5%E6%88%B0
  • 參考佛陀所指,我們脫離痛苦的第一步是要好好自律保護自己:第四戒是戒妄語。妄語包括:
    • 謊言(顛倒是非,是說成不是,不是說成是)
    • 誇大(五十說成七十或說成三十)
    • 兩舌(搬弄是非,對某人如此說,對另一人又那般說)
    • 惡口(罵人、毀謗中傷人)
    • 綺語(有動機、有私心地說好話,或說無用的廢話)
    • http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E4%BA%94%E6%88%92
  • 應該多參考其他聖人的言行。

  • 代價:信任,名譽,和諧,和平。。。
  1. 經濟戰 – Economic war

  • 阻礙對方的經濟活動與資訊科技
  • 禁止對方的經濟活動與資訊科技
  • 破壞對方的經濟活動與資訊科技
  • 毀滅對方的經濟活動與資訊科技
  • 參考佛陀第二戒:戒盜
  • 應該多參考其他聖人的言行。
  • 代價:首當其衝是大家的休息與興趣,繼而是吃喝玩樂,最後衣食住行也不能倖免!還有。。。
  1. 肉體戰 – Physical war

  • 以自己的身體阻礙對方的身體活動
  • 以自己的身體禁止對方的身體活動
  • 以自己的身體破壞對方的身體活動
  • 參考佛陀第一戒:戒殺
  • 應該多參考其他聖人的言行。
  • 代價:首先是身體的健康,繼而是心理的健康。。。
  1. 殺戮戰 – Killing war

  • 以武器破壞對方的身體
  • 代價:被殺害的恐懼。。。
  1. 滅族戰 – Total annihilation

  • 以武器毀滅對方的身體
  • 代價:心中會被其他種族、政族滅族之恐懼。。。


Current situation in Hong Kong

  • Flaming war 駡戰已經開始多年,
  • Economic war 2014.09月經濟戰開始,
  • Physical war 2014.10月肉體戰已經開始!


Possible solution


為達到自己的願望、爭取支持者、利益及財產,所須付的代價到底要對方、社會、自己走到那一個層次的分裂戰爭呢?經濟學明確指出,做任何一件事都有代價(opportunity cost)。多大的回報才是值得,也是一個主觀與客觀的問題。但最重要是要清楚代價是什麼!



“愛Love” 《-》“理Reasoning” 《-》“執著Stubborn”


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ECbalance
Hong Kong 928 protest: From peace to civil economic war
香港928游行: 由和平演變到經濟內戰

Your Perspective, My Perspective, Their Perspective. Conflicts Resolution and Opportunity Cost

—–Your Perspective, My Perspective, Their Perspective.

IQ Quest #1: 
-2 -1 0 1 2
Q: Where is the middle point?
A: 0, perfection!

IQ Quest #2: 
1 2 3 4 5 6
Q: Where is the middel point?
A1: There is only left and right, there is no middle!
A2: There are both left and right!
A3: Whatever!

-From the above mathematics examples, we can see that the balance point (0 and 3 or 4) depends on the frame of reference/ point of view (-2 to 2 or 1 to 6).

IQ Quest #3:
-∞     ?     ∞ 

-If we take a macroscopic point of vew to include the whole spectrum from -∞ to ∞, and every single point is of equal importance. Then what is the balance point with this point of view or perspective?

-Is macroscopic view the most objective view? Or the most objective view is to pay no importance to any of the points?

—–主觀與客觀Subjective and Objective 

-It is believed that being subjective is only relatively correct, while being objective is absolutely correct. However, from the above examples, the subjective perspective is the one that is absolute without change, while trying to take a balance between different perspectives is the one the is relative subject to change when different balancing strategies are selected. So the answer could be found in objectiveness, or only subjectiveness could provide an absolute answer?

-Scientists has been trying to seperate the disputable philosophy from the precise mathematics. However, it seem that mathematics still cannot escape the dispute of different perspectives! Have we been blindly believe that modern science can solve all our problems? While the fact is that science still cannot escape the boundary of the disputable philosophy. Is it the truth that everything can be clearly defined as black or white, and grey area is only a misconception? Or is is the truth that everything is grey, and it is us the human that forcefully define the blace and white.

—–Conflicts 衝突

EQ Question: You want whatever, I love perfection, what should we do?
-The best answer is that everyone should enjoy themselves. However, sometimes contact between us is unavoidable because we are living under that same roof, we have common assect and common supporters. What should we do?

—–Conflicts Resolution 化解衝突

A. Use “Love” to resolve the differences: “In the midst of one hundred different voices expressed by one hundred persons, harmony can still be struck.” We should live in harmony with each other, because we all belong to the same family. “Family is a place for love rather than a place for reasoning”

B. Use “Reasoning” to have reasonable agruements: To sell one’s prespective in order to gain the supporters of the opposition and the neutral. Different language and tones could be employed but peace must be maintained.

F. Use “Stubborn” to destroy the peace, to divide, causing hatred and war: to fight for the supporters and properties of the neutrality and the oppositions.

Levels of War 戰爭的層次

1. 駡戰 – Flaming war

-Internet: Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction betweenInternet users, often involving the use of profanity.Flaming usually occurs in the social context of an Internet forum, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Usenet, by e-mail, game servers such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, and onvideo-sharing websites. It is frequently the result of the discussion of heated real-world issues such as politics,religion, and philosophy, or of issues that polarize sub-populations, but can also be provoked by seemingly trivial differences.Deliberate flaming, as opposed to flaming as a result of emotional discussions, is carried out by individuals known asflamers, who are specifically motivated to incite flaming. These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet)

-During a Flaming, there will be audience enjoy watching and there will also be people taking advantage of the war.

-We can make a reference to the teaching of Buddha that taught us how to escape from dissatisfaction. The first step is self protection and the 4th protection is the right speech, purity of vocal action. “To understand what is purity of speech, one must know what is impurity of speech. Speaking lies to deceive others, speaking harsh words that hurt others, backbiting and slanderous talk, babbling and purposeless chatter are all impurities of vocal action. When one abstains from these, what remains is right speech”

-We should make more references to other Saints.

-Opportunity cost: trust, respect, harmony, peace…

2. 經濟戰 – Economic war

-Obstruct the economic acitivities and information technology of the opposition
-Prohibit the economic acitivities and information technology of the opposition
-Damage the economic acitivities and information technology of the opposition
-Destroy the economic acitivities and information technology of the opposition

-Can make a reference to the the second rule of self protection in the teaching of Buddha: abstain from stealing
-We should make more references to other Saints.
-Opportunity cost: Firstly will be our lesire time, play time, our hobby and our rest time. Next will be our basic survival of clothing, food, housing and transportation! More will be…

3. 肉體戰 – Physical war

-using one’s body to obstruct the bodily activity of the opposition
-using one’s body to prohibit the bodily activity of the opposition
-using one’s body to damage the bodily activity of the opposition
-Can make a reference to the the first rule of self protection in the teaching of Buddha: abstain from killing
-We should make more references to other Saints.
-Opportunity cost: Firstly will be the bodily health, then will be the emotional health and mental health…

4. 殺戮戰 – Killing war

-Use of weapons to destroy the body of the opposition
-Opportunity cost: the fear of being killed…

5. 滅族戰 – Total annihilation

-Use of weapons for the total annihilation of the opposition race
-Opportunity cost: the fear of being the target of total annihilation of the other race and political race…

—–Current situation in Hong Kong現在香港情況

Flaming war has started more than a decade ago,
Economic war started in 2014.09,
Physical war started in 2014.10! 

—–Possible solution現在香港人應該怎麼走?

-Clearly identify the opportunity cost, be practically responsible.

-Which level of war are you willing to get yourself, the opposition, and the society into, in order to satisfy your own dreams in gaining supporters, benefits and assets? In economics, opportunity cost exists in whatever way you act. The question of how much return is worthwhile is also a subjective and objective question. The most important point is that one should clearly identify and understand the opportunity cost!

-One should also know that even thought physical assets has a objective mathematical value, there are many other things that are invaluable, which include family, friends, harmony, trust, freedom and stability. When the opportunity cost of a invaluable desire is another invaluable lost, mathematics is of no use anymore. After an objective analysis, one still have to make an subjective decision to perform an action. In the end, one have to be responsible to oneself, the opposition, the supporters and the society for one’s action, being neutral, anti-action, being the audience, or being the advantage taker. Every people have to choose themselves, between peace and war, love and hatred!


May you untie the knots in your heart, be healthy and happy.