Heaven * authentic humanity: the quasi-Chinese scientific thinking (The Tao of Heaven-Earth-Human Chinese-Trinity: The scientific thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 天道·地道·人道:中医科学性的准思考 ISBN: 9787507734669

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不同文化的共同金科玉律:儒家的「己所不欲,勿施於人」A common Golden Rule across different cultures, the Confucius: Do not do to others what you would not like yourself.

The Golden Rule 金科玉律:
Confucius 儒家: Sinology Confucianism, the Analects of Confucius.
子曰:「其恕乎!己所不欲,勿施於人。」 —— 《論語·衛靈公》
Do not do to others what you would not like yourself.

Buddhism 釋家:
Udanavarga 5:18 Priyavarga 《法集要頌經》愛樂品第5.18
徧於諸方求 令心中間察
頗有斯等類 不愛乃愛彼
以己喩彼命 是故不害人
18. Look where you will, there is nothing dearer to man than himself; therefore, as it is the same thing that is dear to you and to others, hurt not others with what pains yourself.

Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Treat others as you would yourself be treated.

Do unto all men as you would wish to have done unto you.

What you yourself hate, do to no man.

Native Americian:
Live in harmony, for we are all related.

Sacred Earth:
Do as you will, as long as you harm no one

Whatever is disagreeable to yourself, do not do to others.

The list keep going on and on…