Happy Birthday to Buddha! Our spiritual healthcare day! 佛陀生日快樂!今天正是靈修日!

Happy Birthday to Buddha!
Our spiritual healthcare day!
Have we been taking care of our spiritual part for the past year?
Let us plan on the spiritual healthcare for the following year!

活在世界末日之後,何去何從?We lived pass the doomsday, what should we do now?




 命運 + 當下身口意業 = 將來之命運

Some people didn’t make it, but most of us lived pass the doomsday. From hope to disappointment, from worry to relaxed, our emotions go up and down. What a nice world would it be if all the bad people and bad things are gone and we start all over again! Even Buddha says the world are impermanent! But all natural and man-made disasters keep happening. Karma cannot be changed? So, are things keep changing or are they permanent? Maybe all the people and events, whether good or evil, require our body, speech, and mind energy to sustain their superficial permanent appearance, karma. Those karma that we’ve already given our energy to, need time to change. But we have the power to decide whom do we give our energy to at this moment.  Constant thorough understanding of impermanence, right speech, right action, and right thought towards others with metta… 

Karma + Action@Now = Future Karma