Our Journey from Traditional Chinese Medicine to General Systems Theories TCM2GST – The Development of an Integral Ancient-Modern East-West Systems Thinking Platform


The Cynefin Framework: another way to deal with things, problem, situations, and crisis.


Cynefin Framework is very intelligent methodology to handle things, problems, situations, and crisis. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using this for thousands of years, but SNOWDEN has it all analyzed and written down. Thank you Mr SNOWDEN! Let’s start doing more Systems Thinking rather than just Critical Thinking and Reductionistic Thinking.

Innovative organization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity system 以太極陰陽五行天地人系統創新分析可持續發展目標 Project ID: 2019-004HK1.0


Re-organizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity system


Project ID: 2019-001HK1.0

Re-organizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity system may reveal new relationships between different goals. These could result in the emergence of new properties of the SDGs.

SDGs of United Nations

SDGs re-organization

Innovative health assessment with Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity System 創新康復評估系統 Project ID: 2019-002HK1.0

Health assessment with Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity System

Project ID: 2019-002HK1.0

Collaboration arrangement: Beijing 北京



INCOSE IW2019 International Council on Systems Engineering Systems Sciences Working Group presentation [General Systems Theory East-West Integration] Project ID: 1991-004HK3.0



Mind Maps re-organization according to Taichi Yin-Yang Five Elements Trinity Systems Theory 心智圖創新綜合設計理論Project ID: 2019-001HK1.0

Mind Maps re-organization according to Taichi Yin-Yang Five Elements Trinity Systems Theory

Project ID: 2019-004HK1.0

Mind maps: give us a visual representation of what is in our mind. Different mind maps nowadays exists one the Internet either off-line or on-line.
Help professionals to organize ideas in their heads, but also help student to understand existing concepts and knowledges. But can mind maps capture all the possible ideas in our mind? or even our conscisous? What features should exists? What kind of structure? What kinds of relationships? What kind of dynamic systems? What kind of behaviour? What kind of storage? What kind of perspectives? What kind of Hierarchy? Nested? Binary Tree? Complex Structure! Systemic Structure! Taichi Yin-Yang Five elements Trinity Systemic structure!

Plectica DSRP mind maps

Xmind Professional & Powerful Mind Mapping Software

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Mind Mapping Software

The CAM editor project – The mind-mapping.org Blog

Systems Thinking : unlocking the myth of Tree of Life. Attempts in co-relating the theory of Tree of Life, Taichi Yin-Yang Five Elements Trinity i±1 System, Traditional Chinese Medicine Differential Diagnosis-Cure Process, Schemas Theory, Relational Science, DSRP Theory, Five Aggregates of Human Mind System by Buddha, and Cognitive Process of Consciousness

International Society for the Systems Sciences 62nd annual conference ISSS2018
Health and Systems Thinking Special Integration Group presentation and Full paper

2018 July 22-27

Kelley Engineering Center Building

C2HM Hill Alumni Center

Oregon State University, USA

General systems theories have been developing with the aim of understanding the general fundamental components and relationships of knowledge across different disciplines. After 60 years of hard work and academic exchanges, many modern Western systems theories have developed with a variety of terminologies, illustrating the relationships between observers and decision makers, between systems and environment, and between the organizational forces of systems (decreases entropy with emerging effect) and the chaotic forces of the 2nd law of thermodynamics (increases entropy with de-emerging effect). In order to enrich and enlighten further development of the theories, ancient Eastern wisdoms from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (
儒釋道醫) have been analyzed with modern systems terminologies for the “Integral East-West Systems Thinking” project by the Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute.

Tree of Life” is a term and concept that appeared in different ancient cultures. The one that is being investigated is the Hermetic version of Tree of Life, Qabalah, as illustrated by SpiritScienceCentral.com with 10 spheres or “planes” of creation which are individually called Sephira. Other versions have more relationships between the spheres, for example, the Jewish and the Christian version. The research challenge lies in how to co-relate these 10 spheres with the numbers 2 in Ying-Yang by Taoism, 3 in Heaven-Earth-Human Trinity by Confucianism, 4 in Distictions-Systems-Relationships-Perspectives theory of analysis by Derek Cabrera, 5 in Five Elements Differential Diagnosis-Cure Process by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Aggregates Human Mind Systems by Buddha, Five Virtues by Confucianism, Five components in R-theory of Relational Sciences by John Kineman, 13 in the 5+3+5 levels in Emergent Meta-system in Schemas Thoery by Kent Palmer, and 15 in the 3×5 levels in the Taichi Yin-Yang Five Elements Trinity i±1 System by Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute. All theories seem to attempt to release the boundary of duality between the physical world with precise engineering and the world of consciousness with fuzzy cognitive processes, and eventually develop different united non-dual systems thinkings. The research in this paper has found a possible set of co-relations among these different systems thinkings, by analyzing in a systemic manner, the structure of the components and relationships, and their corresponding properties and transformations.

It is believed that the bridging of these Ancient-Modern East-West (古今中西)systems thinkings would inspire more research and academic exchanges, leading to a more holistic worldview for understanding ourselves and the world around us.