The Informal History of the Science and Civilization in China (The History of Science and Technology in China: A collection of topical papers) 中国科学技术史稿(修订版) (Chinese Edition) ISBN:9787301200018


Chapter 4 Formation of Ancient Science and Technology System

  • 五、数学体系的形成
  • 六、地图测绘技术与疆域地理志
  • 七、医药学体系的充实与提高
  • 5. Formation of Mathematical System
  • 6. Map Surveying and Mapping Technology and Territory Geography

第六章 Chapter 6

  • 六、算经的注释和数学的发展
    6. The development of nine arithmetical notes and the development of mathematics.
  • 十、中医药学的进步
    10.The progress of Traditional Chinese medicine


  • 4、七数学的辉煌成就
    4. the peak of the development of ancient science and technology.

Chapter 8 Slow Development of Traditional Science and Technology

  • 七、商业数学与珠算
    7 Business Mathematics and Abacus

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The Informal History of the Science and Civilization in China 中国科学技术史稿(修订版) (Chinese Edition)

Author: 杜石然
Pages: 464
Category: Science and Civilization in China 中國科學技術史
Publisher: 北京大学出版社
Publication Date: 2012
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