ISSS2021 Poster: Spiritual Healthcare with Five-Elements Systemic Healthcare 靈修-五行健康系統養生

2021 June 12 0 By Tomas 黃炎

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Spiritual Healthcare with Five-Elements Systemic Healthcare (Poster presentation)

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Is Spirituality a closed system that is separated from sciences? Or is it an open system that is related to all other systems? At the human healthcare level, our spirituality also needs to be healthy and relate to four other health systems, namely, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health and Behavioural Health.

Spiritual Healthcare concerns the improvement of our in-born characteristics, possibly hidden in our physical DNA or our energetic spirits fields (Aura). We now try to match this with the Observation Aggregate of the Five Aggregate Human Mind system in the teaching of Buddha. The Five systems are: observation, distinction, sensation, action and physical object. The properties of the observer and the decision maker can be expressed by way of these five systems. Here we must build our foundation in the fundamental teaching of Buddha in the Four Nobel Truth guided especially by the Right View and Right Thought in the Eight-Fold Nobel Path, which is the fourth part of the Noble Truth.

Throughout our life we always look for satisfaction that brings happiness. Our government have been relying on economics to achieve this but 80% of the time we are dissatisfied with the people and situations around us, causing craving, aversion and ignorance in our mind and creating all sorts of problems in our society. This is called suffering in the teaching of Buddha, and he offered us a three step solution for our mind. We investigate the systemic view of these three steps, namely, self-protection, concentration and purification of our mind. We also investigate a 10-day Vipassana mental healthcare program for people of all religions as well as scientific communities. It is believed that such a program could bring happiness, peace and harmony for our community. Spiritual Healthcare could then be achieved within the objective framework of our body.

The poster presents our research result and directions to interact with you, for new systems thinking ideas to emerge.

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Ancient Balance Medicine Research and Education Fund Foundation Ltd. 古中醫科研教育基金會;
Citizen of Macau SAR of China