The never ending global disasters 全球災難年年


Earth 地:Earthquakes,
Water 水:Floods,
Fire 火:Hill Fires,
Wind 風:Typhoons,

People are suffering and waiting to be rescued!


We should donate money, donate clothes, donate blood…

Being a student of a fully enlightened person, Buddha, we learned and benefited from his meditation technique, we should donate unconditional love, metta…

Starting from today, meditate more every day, for ourselves and more importantly, for others!

Come here often to send unconditional love, metta to the following people:

-For those who have been trapped…

-For those who are trying to rescue others…

-For those who are seeking for relatives…

-For those who are under medical treatments…

-For those food and water to be consumed by those who are suffering…

-Meditators please aware of the peaceful sensations after meditation,
maintain equaniminity,
send out unconditional lover metta and press this: From my heart, I wish


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