The gathering of the great minds 高手雲集

2014 August 02 0 By Tomas 黃炎

國際系統科學協會第58屆國際研討會 The 58th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

#ISSS2014 #ISSS58 th conference finished so quickly! Feel like I have just arrived yesterday!

Using Earth as a frame of reference, it rotated 5 days. But using my amount of spare time as a frame of reference, it feels like one day! Usingthe number of happy moments as a frame of reference, it should feel like a year in heaven!

Thanks to all the organizers and participants, observers and systems! We came as individuals with thick walls. After building bridges here and eventually dissolving our boundaries, we leave as a better connected network of an unified super-organism!

Exchanging unconditional love and advanced to a higher level of consciousness. Hopefully eventually understanding the truth of ourselves and the universe.

See you all again next year in Germany! In the meantime, be happy and healthy ^o^

— 在 The George Washington University