How good is your mind? – The body light and your mind. 以靈光測試定力

2011 January 23 0 By Tomas 黃炎

How good is your mind?
– The body aura light and your mind.

 by Tomas and Prof. Paul KAN

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The Sixth International Bio-energetic Information Medicine Conference Paper



Information medicine is to analyze the signals obtained from human body, then to determine the imbalanced state of the body, and finally to implement a strategy to regulate the body back to a healthy state.信息醫學是分析人體發出的信號,然後算出身體的失衡狀態,最後實施一項策略以調節身體,使其恢復到健康狀態。

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine obtains signals from the changes of body’s physical appearance through sight, sound, taste, odour, pressure, texture and temperature, facial expression and body motion. For hundreds of years, modern medicine obtains signals from the changes in matters at microscopic level including chemical changes and cellular changes. In the past 60 years research started to look for more subtle signals at the energy level including mostly electromagnetic energy. 數千年來,傳統中醫藥學從身體的外表獲得信號的變化,包括通過視覺,聽覺,味覺,氣味,壓力,質地和溫度,面部表情和身體動作。數百年來,現代醫學從微觀層面取得信號的轉變,包括在化學變化和細胞的變化。在過去的60年的研究開始在能量層次上尋找更細微信號,大部分都是電磁能量。

Electromagnetism is the study of electricity including voltage, resistance and electrical current that transmit in physical substance like copper wires and human body. For many years we have been demonstrating the application of information medicine on this area through the use of electro-dermal screening (EDS/EAV) devices to measure the health levels of some major acupuncture points on the hands. 電磁學是研究電力,包括電壓,電阻和在物理物質中傳輸的電流,如銅線和人體。多年來我們一直在這方面展示信息醫學的應用,通過使用表皮電流篩選儀(EDS/EAV)設備來測詴手中一些主要穴位,從而衡量人體的健康水平。

However, electromagnetism also includes the study of electromagnetic wave that can transmit in thin air or vacuum, like the visible sun light, the invisible x-ray and the invisible body light. This year we will demonstrate the use of electromagnetic wave capturing devices for the investigation of the “effectiveness of our mind”. This include our concentration and our ability to spread happiness and harmony to the people around us. 然而,電磁學還包括研究可以在稀薄空氣或真空傳輸的電磁波。 例如可見的陽光,不可見的X射線和靈光。今年我們將展示使用電磁波捕捉裝置對我們“心靈的效律”作出初步的研究。這包括我們的集中精神的能力和我們傳播快樂與和諧給別人的能力。

What is body light? 什麼是靈光?

Our body constantly emits electromagnetic wave to the surroundings. The colour of these invisible lights changes rapidly with our state of mind and the health of our body. Sometimes they are known as aura in the western world and the Chinese call them ling guang/qi se.我們的身體不斷地發出電磁波到周圍的環境。這些不可見光的顏色會因應我們的心情及身體的健康狀態而迅速變化。他們在西方世界有時被稱為光環,而中國人稱之為靈光/氣色。

How does the capture device work? 捕捉靈光設備的原理是什麼?

A special device is employed to capture the body light in the invisible range and perform a frequency shift to the collected signals into the visible range. As a result, the colour could be observed with our bare eyes. Of course with proper training, some people can see the aura colour directly with their bare eyes. The transformed signals are projected onto a polarized film, overlapping with the visible light images of our face. On the top of the photo there is a circle of light representing the state of our mind and the colour of the rest of the photo represents the state of our body at this particular moment. 一個特殊的裝置是用來捕捉不可見靈光的頻率範圍,然後執行一個頻率轉移,把收集到的信號轉變到可見光的範圍內。從而使我們的肉眼能觀察到這些色彩。當然,經過適當的培訓,有些人可以直接用肉眼看到彩色的靈光。轉換後的信號會投射到一個寶麗來底片上,並重疊在我們的臉部照片上。在照片頂部有一個圓光,顏色代表我們這一刻的思想狀態,其餘的照片顏色代表著我們這一刻身體表現出來的狀態。

What should I do when I take the photo? 當我拍照片時我應該怎麼做?

In today’s demo, we are going to collect samples of photos for research and education purpose, and here is what you should do: 在今天的演示中,我們將拍一些照


1. First photo: Just be yourself and look at the camera. 第1張:做你自己,看看相機。



2. Second photo: Close your eyes if you like, use 30 seconds to quickly and effectively concentrate your mind so that you know you are ready to work on your important task of the day. 第2張:用30秒,快速,有效地集中精神,如果你喜歡,你可閉上你的雙眼。你要確認你已準備好去面對你這一天的重要工作任務。


3. Third photo: In any working environment, you need to work with other people in harmony so that the goal can be achieved together happily. Use the next 30 seconds to quickly and effectively spread harmony and happiness to the people around you. You can use thoughts, words or gesture to help. 第3張:在任何工作環境中,您都需要與其他人保持和諧,使大家的共同目標可以合作愉快地實現。利用今後30秒的時間,快速和有效地傳播和諧與快樂給你周圍的人。可以使用的思想,言語或手勢來幫忙。

How can I tell from the photo about my mind? 我怎樣才能從照片中得知我的心靈狀態?

There are many interpretation of the colour of our body light. The most common one is the corresponding colour of the visible light spectrum (the rainbow). Our research shows that the colour indigo representing highly intuitive, clear sighted, integrity and an orderly mind, which correspond to good concentration. The colour violet represents a reverence for all life and self sacrificing in the service of others, which correspond to the ability to spread happiness and harmony to others. The brightness represents the strength of that particular colour. 靈光的顏色有很多種不同的解釋。最常見的是對照可見光光譜的相應顏色(彩虹)。 靛藍的顏色一般代表高度直覺,清晰的遠見,健全和有條理的心智,我們的研究發現它對應良好的集中力。紫羅蘭的顏色一般代表了所有生命的崇敬和自我犧牲服務他人,我們的研究發現它對應能傳播快樂與和諧給他人的能力。亮度是特定顏色代表的能力之強度。

How can I be the master of my mind ? For more details on how to train yourself to be the master of your mind, for the benefit and harmony within yourself and between people around you, please visit It contains information of a 10-day intensive course which teach the fundamental meditation method of Buddha, for increasing the concentration, purifying the mind, and spreading happiness and harmony to others. 如需詳細明白如何訓練自己成為你心智的主人,以及為了你自己的內心和你周圍的人之間的和諧與利益,請瀏覽。它包含了一個有關10天的密集課程,教導佛陀的靜坐基本方法,增加集中力,淨化心靈,傳播快樂與和諧給他人。

The following research samples show how the aura colour changes rapidly with different states of the mind. They also show how the colour can be changed and repeated according to our will, when we practice Buddha’s technique of how to be the master of our minds. 下面的研究樣本顯示靈光顏色如何根據不同的心靈狀態而迅速地變化。他們還展示了當我們經過練習佛陀的技巧去鍛煉自己慢慢變成我們心智的主人後,我們的意志是可以反覆改變靈光的顏色。

The following research samples show how the aura colour changes rapidly with different states of the mind. They also show how the colour can be changed and repeated according to our will, when we practice Buddha’s technique of how to be the master of our minds.


Normal photo without any aura colour capture 沒有靈光的正常照片


頭部顏色代表在意識:佔我們大腦的 5-7%,顏色應表示我們當前的思維和行為狀態,= 我們的邏輯思維,智商

Head area color represents the Conscious mind:5-7% of our brain, colour should represent our ideas and actions at this moment, our logical mind, IQ
Body area color represents the Sub-conscious mind: 93-95% of the brain colour should represent our feelings and reactions at this moment, our emotional mind, EQ
身體顏色代表潛意識:佔我們大腦的 93-95%顏色應表示我們當前的感受和反應狀態, 我們的情感心靈,情商

Working for a full day, tired and daydreaming 工作了一天,累了而且在做白日夢

Working for the day and tired but the mind is concentrated 工作了一天累了,但心智集中

Passion to present and share ideas before presentation but concentrated 演講前熱誠,精神集中

Try to concentrate the mind on the stage 試著在講台上集中精神

Try to spread happiness and harmony to others on the stage試著在講台上把快樂與和諧的感覺傳播給其他人

Feeling sick and observing sensation as it is 有不舒服的感覺並


Feeling sick but with a concentrated, calm and peaceful mind 有不舒服的感覺,但有一個集中,平靜的心

Deep meditation shortly after a 10 day course 10天的課程後