Holographic Universe 全息宇宙:Chinese Wisdom:什麽是最大,什麽是最小,他們同時存在,互相聯係,互相影響?

2021 November 05 0 By Tomas 黃炎

Q: What is the biggest, what is the smallest? They both exist together? They are related to each other, affecting each other?


Ancient Chinese Theory 中國古代文化 儒釋道醫

That which is so great that there is nothing outside it may be called the Great One; and that which is so small that there is nothing inside it maybe called the Small One. 《莊子 – Zhuangzi》《南華真經》《雜篇 – Miscellaneous Chapters》《天下 – Tian Xia》


至大無外 The Great One? Relativity 相對論 ?天道?

Edge of Universe, Observable universe

至小無內 The Small One? Quantum Physics 量子物理學 ?地道?

Quantum Physics 量子物理學

We are living in the “virtual” Holographic Universe between the Great One and the Small One?

色不異空,空不異色。《般波羅蜜多心經 》心經簡林

Heart Sutra:
The material form (rūpa) is no different from the VOID of shapeless emptiness (śūnyatā)

全息宇宙 David Bohm – the Holographic Universe 

3 min introduction to the Holographic Universe