Dreaming about Systems theory and Taichi Yin-Yang system theory

2017 February 09 0 By Tomas 黃炎


It seem that after joining the ISSS for 10years, all the people really get into my mind consciously and also subconsciously, because you people start getting into my dreams more and more often. The week before I dreams of Jennifer telling me the new policies of ISSS. And after I arrived Vancouver, I dreamed of John kinaman giving a workshop in a room full of people, talking about the fundamental phenomenon in our daily lives that cannot be explained in our everyday languages. And I was so excited in the dream and I said: “This is outside the scope of our daily language and we need to invent another language to explain all these…” And then I suddenly got inspired in the dream and said: “This is exactly what the Chinese Taichi Yin-Yang system theory is about, and this is exactly what Systems theories are all about”. I as so excited that I woke up and found myself keep talking and waving my hand! Maybe the workshop was held in University of British Columbia. Ha ha ha, thanks to all of you for inspiring me with all these wisdoms. ^o^

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