ISSS2021 Workshop: Harmonious Systemic immune response for COVID-19 以和諧系統免疫反應應對新冠肺炎

2021 June 12 0 By Tomas 黃炎

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Harmonious Systemic immune response for COVID-19 (workshop)

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Systemic immune response is considered as a disease when an imbalanced immune response is triggered at a system level where many organs are involved instead of in a local area. However, in the perspective of systems thinking, we would like the body to have an immune response that will act to achieve systemic harmony instead of systemic failure. Would there be systemic tools or strategies that could help the body to achieve that? At the level of human society, what would be the systemic perspective for achieving a healthy immune response to the current pandemic?

Isolation of the virus, people, district, region, country, through reducing the openness of systems should be the first response to such crisis. However, re-calibrating the dynamic balancing point among different systems should be the next important step. At the society level, we realize that health matters involve many more other systems, namely economic, social, environmental, … What are the perspectives that need to be balanced and how can we relate them to each other, and how can our society find the balance among them? This issue is relevant to considerations by our Special Integration Group SIG such as Health and Systems Thinking, Organisational Transformation and Social Change, Balancing Individualism and Collectivism, Crisis management, …

At the human level, it seems that Ancient-Modern East-West Medicine perspectives should be considered for enhancing the body-mind health. Apart from Modern Western medicine, other traditional medicines have been also used during the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, the holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine which has produced amazing results for such an acute disease. Other traditional medicines such as Ayurveda Medicine and Homeopathy may also be effective. There is scope for investigation that a five-elements systemic immune response could harmoniously balance the physical health as well as mental health, emotional health, behavioural health, and spiritual health. This would involve again our SIG such as Health and Systems Thinking, Mental Health, and Science Spirituality and Systems Science.

Vaccination is claimed to be the ultimate solution to all the problems. How many kinds of vaccination do we need? What is the cause of such a pandemic? Why do some people produce minor symptoms while others severely sick? Why some people do not produce antibodies after vaccination? Many people treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine have been found to increase the ability to produce antibodies after vaccination, and prolong the duration of high levels of antibodies in the body. It seems that systemic treatment by balancing among different sub-systems within the human system have the effect of enhancing the immune system. This is however different from reductionistically “boosting” the immune system. Note that people with autoimmune disorder have an over-reactive immune system that will not stop attacking the cells within the body.

Innovation arise from the emergence of new systems supported by various observers. Your involvement is of uttermost importance.

Keywords: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine 儒釋道醫, Health and system thinking Special Integration Groups SIG 健康與系統思維特別整合分組, Integral Ancient-Modern East-West Systems Thinking 融合古今東西方系統思維,  Special Integration Groups SIG特別整合分組,

Supporting Agencies: Ancient Balance Medicine Research and Education Fund Foundation Ltd. 古中醫科研教育基金會; Citizen of Macau SAR of China 中國澳門市民.